High DHA Omega-3 from Calamari

We are proud to be the first to develop and bring to market a range of DHA concentrates using only the trimmings from the food production of Calamari as raw material.

Product range

(min. mg/g)
(min. mg/g)
(min. mg/g)
Calamarine® 140/360
EE or TG
Calamarine® 100/400
EE or TG
Calamarine® 110/385
EE or TG
Calamarine®  50/500
EE only
* customized concentrations can also be supplied
In an increasingly commoditized and competitive marine oil industry  Calamarine® offers  customers several unique and compelling selling points:

Uniquely sustainable marine source

Calamari; or squid, is a staple food worldwide with more than 2 million tonnes caught annually of the main commercial species. The most important biological features that make squid uniquely sustainable as a source for high DHA Omega-3 production are:
  • Short lifespan of less than 450 days
  • Mainly semelparous, will perish after spawning
  • Reaches reproductive age early and has low proginy mortality rate
  • Very efficient food to growth rates of up to 2:1
  • Fisheries managed to ensure safe levels of escapement to ensure good recruitment
  • Certified as sustainable by Friend Of The Sea®

Eco-friendly fisheries

The main fishing method employed for catching Calamari is by jigging, the boats are using bright lights at night to attract large schools to the surface and then deploying a vast number of unbaited hooks just below the surface. This makes for a highly eco-friendly fishery:
  • Virtually zero by-catch
  • No impact on ocean floor or coral reefs
  • Highly selective fisheries targeting same size specimens

Ethically- and socially responsible fisheries

We are committed to conduct our business in an ethically and socially responsible way, the Calamarine® range of products adheres to those principles:
  • Produced solely from by-products of existing food production of Calamari
  • To a large degree performed by local artisanal vessels

High DHA Omega-3 benefits

There is an increasing body of scientific research and litterature supporting DHA as the more efficacious option for addressing most of the common health conditions supported by Omega-3 supplementation:
  • General health
  • Improving n-3/n-6 ratio
  • Low risk cardiovascular prevention
  • High risk cardiovascular/Atherosclerosis 
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Macular degeneration
  • Alzheimer dementia
  • Maternal-Childhood development

Unique product characteristics

Due both to the uniqueness of the Calamari as well as several production and process improvements, our Calamarine® range of products has some unique characteristics:
  • Increased oxidative stability when compared to market leading fish oils in an OSI (Oil Stability Index, AOCS Cd 12-b92) test performed by the renowned Norwegian SINTEF institute.
  • Very clean and neutral taste and smell