Delivery Forms

At Pharma Marine we believe in providing omega-3 in user friendly delivery forms suitable for the whole family. In addition to supplying our oils in bulk we offer bottling and filling in sachet. To ensure that the oils stay fresh we use nitrogen through the various processes including at drumming, bottling and filling of sachet.


We offer a variety of different size bottles in glass and PET. Our state-of-the-art bottling line was installed in 2016 and is equipped to take best possible care of the oil throughout the bottling process. Our experienced and dedicated team are committed to supplying premium quality products for consumers all over the world.


In 2018 we installed a brand new sachet machine making it possible for us to offer single packaging to our customers. This is part of our philosophy of making it more convenient and desirable for consumers to consume their daily dosage of EPA and DHA. This new delivery form will provide the consumer with a fresh dosage omega-3 every day and make it easier to bring the omega-3 with them wherever they go, should it be on travels or just eating out.