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Delivery forms

Where the fjords meet the mountains at the beautiful west coast of Norway, you will find Pharma Marine`s eco-friendly facilities at the island of Terøy, just an hour from the old fishing town called Ålesund. We believe in providing omega-3 in user friendly delivery forms suitable for the whole family. That is why in addition to supplying our oils in bulk we also offer bottling and filling in sachet. To ensure that the oils stay fresh we use nitrogen through the various processes including at drumming, bottling and filling of sachet.


We continue to develop our technologies and methods to be sure we always supply our customers with an oil with superior sensory profile that is optimized for both our products and the consumers. In the end of 2016 we installed a specially developed liquid bottling line so we can offer our customers finished product with unique formulations bottled at our facility in Norway.


In the same facilities we installed a new machine in 2018 for filling oil in sachets and pouches. This new delivery form will make it more convenient for the consumers to get their daily dosage in a single package, and for them to bring fresh oil on travels or just out for lunch. It is also the perfect packaging/delivery form for Pharma Marine`s customers to use for sampling.


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