About us

Where the fjords meet the mountains at the beautiful west coast of Norway, not far from the old fishing town of Ålesund, lies the small island of Terøy where Pharma Marine has its home.

Pharma Marine was founded on a deep respect and love for the ocean. Invention and innovation is an essential part of our history, always inspired by our mantra: Take only what you need and utilize everything you harvest from nature.

With eco-friendly production of marine ingredients at heart, we learn from the balance in nature to provide a healthier life for people. For Pharma Marine, tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

Pharma Marine is a family business with family values at its core. We believe in close relationships with our partners, our employees, and our local community. And, of course, an enduring respect for nature.

Outside our doorstep on Terøy, there is a vast sea of possibilities. For our planet, our health, and future generations.

From our family to you.


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