Pharma Marine™ is a company built on innovation, tradition and respect for nature. Lauritz Gjendemsjø, the father of Leif Kjetil (the founder of Pharma Marine™) was very passionate about the importance of utilizing everything that was harvested from nature. This is a passion Leif Kjetil has inherited and this has become the base of the Pharma Marine™ philosophy.

For Pharma Marine™ innovation is key to be able to continue to develop a wide variety of premium quality sustainable products and delivery forms, to make it more convenient for people to consume their daily need of EPA and DHA.



Innovative for generations

Back in the mid-1960s Lauritz and his brother revolutionized purse seine fisheries with an invention stabilizing fishing boats – the thrusters. This propeller system both made the job less dangerous for the fishermen and more efficient as more fish were safely launched onboard. Later on he developed cooled storage facilities as well as installing fish sorting systems on board the boat to increase the quality and value of the fish. The concept of preserving and pre-fabricate fish products was further utilized and developed.

Leif Kjetil has also been a pioneer producing two piece hard gelatin fish oil capsules for the food supplement market and he was one of the first to introduce omega-3 concentrates to the world market. Newer inventions consist of optimized production procedures for increased quality and capacity, which is important for present product development and production flexibility. This has led to the development of eco-friendly and sustainable omega-3 concentrates from trimmings of food production of seafood.

At Pharma Marine we focus on premium quality omega-3 products based on sustainable marine ingredients. Our modern technology and proprietary in-house enzymatic processes, including purification and distillation, allows us to use marine by-products with valuable nutrient and lipid content. In addition to our traditional bulk business we can provide finished liquid products bottled and filled in sachet.


Our innovative products

Pharma Marine’s first product was CalaMarine® – a product based on trimmings from food production of squid. This was the first omega-3 concentrate on the market made from squid and it is certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Our second launch was the unique CodMarine® – a product made possible by the cooperation between Pharma Marine and the fishing vessels in the CodMarine® fleet. CodMarine® is made from trimmings of food production of wild-caught MSC certified North East Arctic Cod, Saithe and Haddock. Since we use all trimmings and not only the liver, we like to call CodMarine® a modern version of cod liver oil. The collaboration with the fishing vessels in the CodMarine® Fleet also makes it possible for our customers to trace the finished product back to the fishing vessel and to which area the fish was caught.

The last addition to Pharma Marine’s product range is GourmetMarine.   This product is the result of the desire to make omega-3 available for everyone. In GourmetMarine we use one of our omega-3 oils mixed with various healthy vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive oil. The idea is to use GourmetMarine on food to make it more convenient and pleasant for consumers to consume their daily dosage of EPA and DHA.

Innovation today

At Pharma Marine™ we are constantly working to find new and improved technologies and processes to produce premium quality omega-3 in different forms such as triglycerides, natural triglyceride concentrates, re-esterified triglycerides, ethyl-esters and free fatty acids from sustainable raw material. In the design of our processes and equipment we aim to have the gentlest treatment of the oil. We always do our outmost to make sure we deliver great tasting quality products. Pharma Marine is probably the only company that has the possibility to make omega-3 products from fresh or frozen raw material, ultra-refine it and fill it in liquid bottles or sachets, all under the same roof.

Pharma Marine’s factory is an eco-friendly facility which use rest fractions to produce steam for our production and rest heat from production is used to warm up the building. In addition to this we also use sea water collected right outside the factory for cooling in processes where that is needed. We have a state-of-the-art control system for optimal adjusting of production parameters to reduce the use of energy. 

The team at Pharma Marine™ consists of experienced and well educated people. We have our own R&D department with pilot equipment and analytical instruments. We also have a sophisticated quality control lab with the latest technologies. We continuously work with optimization of processes and technologies.

Pharma Marine™ strive to deliver our customers premium quality products. To us that means a product that is from sustainable raw material, produced in an environmentally friendly way with optimal technology and processes, quality tested through the various processes and that gives us pure products with great sensory profile.