Where the fjords meet the mountains at the beautiful west coast of Norway there is an old fishing town called Ålesund. For generations fishing has been a big part of their lifestyle. For the Gjendemsjø family it all started in 1949 when Lauritz decided to be a fisherman instead of taking over his family farm. Since then, he was a fisherman by heart. He later became a pioneer by building the first fishing boat designed with thrusters. In the late 60's, Lauritz wanted to take things to a new level and increase the value of the fish they caught.

Lauritz and his companions built a fish-processing factory where they processed fish and finished consumer goods. Lauritz bought a new facility in Brattvåg where they processed fish. His youngest son, Leif Kjetil, used to help out at the factory after school and as his father he also fell in love with the profession. As he grew older he took on more responsibility – driving along the Norwegian coast selling fishing products to local shops.To optimize the utilization of the trimmings from the processing plant, Lauritz and Leif Kjetil got the idea to use residual material from the fish to produce fish protein and fish oil. They were actually among the first in the world to put fish oil and fish protein in two piece hard gelatin capsules and were one of the first in the world to produce omega-3 concentrates. 

As the years passed, Leif Kjetil had been greatly influenced by his fathers way of thinking. Leif Kjetil began planning the next step for the Gjendemsjø family. He wanted to create a paradigm shift in the Omega-3 industry - with focus on eco-friendly and flexible production, R&D, sustainable raw materials and new healthy marine ingredients. That became the start of Pharma Marine AS. 

“We are proud to be a company which is rich in history and unique marine lipids. We will continue to contribute to knowledge and inspiration for present and future generations by improving people’s health by developing innovative and convenient products from sustainable sources.”
- Leif Kjetil Gjendemsjø 

Now the next generation in the Gjendemsjø family has joined the Pharma Marine™ team and together we will work to provide premium quality products that are great for our planet, your health and future generations. 

You can read more about Pharma Marine here: OUR HISTORY.