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For more than 30 years, Leif Kjetil has been in the omega-3 industry, making healthy products to make it easier for people all over the world to consume the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Something not many people knew, was that he had an even bigger challenge at home.

Leif Kjetil and his wife, Madli, got their first born, Iselin in 1991. It was never a challenge to give her different kind of food or supplements like omega-3. Three years later, Susanne came along. Like her mother, Susanne has never liked taking capsules, and supplements on a spoon was a challenge. Luckily she loved fish. Three years after Susanne came along, the twins were born, Markus and Kristina. As a omega-3 pioneer it became one of Leif`s hardest assignments to make a product that the whole family would approve. After some years with trying and failing, he started blending omega-3 products together with olive oils, and had it on his family`s food. This was the moment the GourmetMarine product line started its story.

Through the years, the Pharma Marine team has collected knowledge about healthy vegetable oils like olive oil and rapeseed oil, as well as tried them out in different formulations in omega-3 products. In the GourmetMarine product line Pharma Marine`s customers can make their own formulation, where they can choose which of our superior quality omega-3 oils they want to blend together with a high quality vegetable oil. We also offer several great tasting flavors you can add to make the product even tastier – and even Susanne approves.

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