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The farmer's son who chose the ocean

As the oldest of six siblings , Lauritz Gjendemsjø was supposed to take over his parents' farm. But as he grew older his eyes was fixed on the ocean. In 1949 he gave away all his odial rights to pursue his dreams to become a fisherman. At the age of twenty he began his career on the fishing boat “Frisko”. He quickly gained experience, and he later became a skipper.

Through his life, Lauritz was innovative, curious, fareless and a “doer”. Lauritz and his youngest brother, Lodve, constructed their own boat, “Klaring”. This became the first fishing boat designed with thrusters. Later, Lauritz wanted to take things to a new level and increase the value of the fish they caught. He and his companions built a fish-processing factory where they processed fish and finished consumer goods.

Lauritz was always happy to give younger people the opportunity to learn. And for him, learning by doing was the way to do it. Because of this, his youngest son, Leif Kjetil, got a lot of hands-on experience in the industry, already at a young age.  

Together, Lauritz and Leif Kjetil, found a passion in optimizing the utilization of the trimmings from the processing plant. They got the idea to use residual material from the fish to produce new and innovative products that were both sustainable and healthy.

They had a great journey where they started companies like Ocean Napro (later called Napro Pharma) and produced marine products in two piece hard gelatin capsules and packed it in bottles. They were among the first in the world to put fish oil and fish protein in two piece hard gelatin capsules.

Even though Lauritz had some years at working at land, he never forgot about the ocean.

Fishing trips with friends, his children and his grandchildren was something he cherished, and something he continued to do even in his late 80`s.

His family will always remember him as a hardworking, innovative and fareless man with his family and the ocean closest at heart.

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